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B.O.D. Incubator

BOD INCUBATOR IS Double wall construction.

Inner chamber made richly anodized aluminium or highly polished stainless steel sheet.

Supplied with two/three removable perforated shelves.

Exterior made out of thick mild steel sheet duly finished in write staving enamel/powder coated paint with mat finished colour combination.

Outer double wall door is provided with magnetic gasket and lock & key arrangement.

Inner door unbreakable acrylic transparent sheet for inspection of material in the chamber without disturbing the chamber temperature.


Timer 0-24 hours day night cycle.
Co2 /air mixer nozzle is provided.
Internal illumination with 3 fluorescent tubes.
Microprocessor PID digital temp. Indicator-cum-controller.
Automatic Voltage stabilizer 3-5 KVA (recommended-must).


Inner Chamber size in mm WxDxH Capacity in Cu.ft Capacity
405x405x405 2.4 cu.ft.  65 ltrs.
455x410x610 4 cu.ft. 112 ltrs.
505x415x830 6.1 cu.ft. 171 ltrs.
565x565x865 10 cu.ft. 280 ltrs.
650x580x900 12 cu.ft. 336 ltrs.
700x650x900 15 cu.ft. 420 ltrs.