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Chemical Storage Cabinets

Chemical Storage Cabinets

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Chemical Storage Cabinets

Product description:

Brief introduction of file cabinets:
Yellow for flammable liquids
Red for combustible liquids
Blue for corrosive

Features of SB Chemical storage  cabinets:

1.     SB safety cabinet is designed with double-deck steel plate structure, having a gap of 40mm to maximize the fireproof capability.

2.    High quality cold roll steel plate  used to intensify the shield of cabinet for a better fireproof function.

3.    The leak-proof liquid cell at the bottom of cabinet with the height of 50mm could greatly prevent the chemical liquid from leak out.

4.    With special corrosion-proof and leak-proof galvanized shelf. The maximum load can up to 400lbs(180kg).

5.    Durable and non-lead epoxy resin paint is painted both sides to maximize the anti-chemical ability.

6.     clear and corrosion-proof label sticker on the cabinet.

7.    Dual vents with built-in flash arresters strategically installed at both sides of the cabinet.


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