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Laboratory Hot Plate

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Laboratory Hot Plate

Electric Hot Plates are most important tools in laboratory, cytology, histology, pathology which are utilized to heat samples. In order to suit each application, these laboratory hot plates are designed in variety of sizes, temperature ranges and heating top materials. Hot plates with square, rectangular and round heating top are usually available in the market today.

Laboratory hot plates manufactured by SUNIL BROTHERS

offer uniform heating and safe working when they are in use. Standard models are available with temperature up to 250°C; however, in specific requirements we can also manufacture high temperature hot plates with temperature up to 300°C. Stirrer is optional and supplied extra with added cost.

Our lab hot plates are stylish in design and offer loads of features ensuring comfortable working with constant temperature. We offer both economical and premium rages of our units; in economical models temperature is controlled by energy regulator, while premium models are equipped with PID controller, which no doubt provides excellent temperature control and accuracy.

At SUNIL BROTHERS, we manufacture custom designed hot plates for laboratory as well as light industrial applications; made according to customer provided specifications. We ensure 100% satisfaction and price guarantee all over India and overseas. Please discuss your requirements with our engineering team, which will assist you with price list, quotation, delivery and other important details you may want to discuss.



Round and rectangular shape Up to 250°C temperature of more
Chemical resistance and durable construction Supplied with and without stirrer
Excellent temperature uniformity Stainless steel heating top
Analog and digital controls Safety thermostat




Type Square Square Rectangular Round
Size (Dimension) 6 x 6 inches 8.5 x 8.5 inches 30 x 11 Inch 19 CM (Dia.)
Temperature 250°C
Heating Plate Cast Iron
Controller Energy Regulator
Power Supply 220 / 230 Volts, 50 Hz
Optional -Overhead stirrer
-PID Controller
-Stainless steel heating plate
-Digital temperature display
-Support stand


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