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SB FUME HOOD. Fabricated out of thick wooden board. It designed so as to throw out all
toxic/harmful vapors & fumes thus protecting costly instruments and the persons working in the lab.
Outer body  finished with sunmica . inner epoxy painted/STAINLESS STEEL. Working table top is acid/alkali
resistant and a small wash basin with connections provide for inlet and outlet of water.
The front door moves vertically up and down with concealed counter balanced weights.
The unit is fitted with fluorescent light and a gas cock for gas/air supply. The front facing
panel is fitted with 15/5 Amp socket with switches for exhaust system and fluorescent
light. To work on 220 A.C. 50Hz supply.

Optional :
High CFM exhaust System (for dust exceeding 10 feet in length)
S.S. Lining on work bench.
PVC Fume Dust (per ft.)

Available in :
(A) M.S. Powder Coated b) Stainless Steel c) Wooden.

  • Type : Portable
  • Use In : Laboratory, Hospital etc.




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