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Laboratory Centrifuge Brushless premium model, Max. Speed 6000 R.P.M

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SB Laboratory Centrifuge Brushless premium model, Max. Speed 6000 R.P.M

Model : SB-T-9BL 

—    Heavy duty C.R.C. construction finished with powder coating

—    Fitted with brushless automatic balanced motor

—    Microprocessor based, 4 lines, 20 characters. LCD Display of set time, run time, set and run rpm, rcf.

Equipped with 0-99 minute timer.

—    Programmable speed regulator to control speed from 500 to 6000 r.p.m depending upon the type of rotor & Fast spin option.

—    50 programmes can be stored in memory.

—    Automatic rotor identification on display.

—    Additional electronic lid lock which does not allow to open lid when machine is running.

—    Dynamic brake (automatic) and imbalance detector are provided.




L x W x H

560 x 420 x 32


36 kg.



Table Top


—    Selection of 3 acceleration + 4 deceleration profile.


Technical Parameter


4 Max. Speed 6000r/min.
4 Max. RCF 4390xg
4 Motor Brushless Motor
4 Noise <65dB
4 Power AC 220V 50 Hz 15A



Rotor Type Rotor Capacity Speed

on Rotor (r.p.m.)

R.C.F. on


4 Swing bucket Rotor 32 x 15 ml. 4000 2670xg
4 Angle rotor 36 x 15 ml 4000 2760xg
4 Swing Bucket Rotor 48 x 7 ml. 4000 2760xg
4 Swing Bucket Rotor 48 x Vacuutainers 4000 2760xg
4 Angle Bucket Rotor 4 x 100 ml. 5000 3450xg


Machine comes without rotor because individual customer require rotor as per his sp requirement hence price of rotors is quoted separately (At extra cost)

Ø Stainless steel centrifuge bowl of 304 quality

Ø  Very stable

Ø  low noise

Ø  No vibration

Ø  Elegant design

Ø  High Quality

Ø  High Performance


Note: i)   The speed of the machine depends upon the type of rotor being used. If rotor is heavy the speed will reduce as per above  mentioned table

ii) This is our general purpose leaflet. We can amend technical features according to the requirement of customer we being actual manufacturer but with our prior consent on our letter head.





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