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We have microprocessor pH meters that are an accurate measuring instrument for measuring of pH, mV & temperature. This product effectively serves the specific requirements of the customer. Those  spread across diverse industries. Our microprocessor pH meters are known for consistency of readings, accurate measurement and long service life.

(Technical Specification)

Model No SB-1510-G
Parameter PH, mV,  Temp. ⁰ c
Range 0 to 14.00 pH, 0 to 19999.9, 0 to 100 ⁰ c
Resolution 0.01pH±digit, 0.1 mV 0.1 ⁰c
Accuracy 0.01 pH ± digit, 0.1 mV, 0.1 ⁰ c
Temp. Compensation 0 to 100 ⁰c (Auto/ manual )
Calibration (Auto/ Manual)
Auto Buffer 4.00, 7.00 & 9.20pH
Read Out 16X 2 line alphanumeric LCD Display
Storage Up to 100 sample
Printer Attachment Provision for attachment of any dot-matrix printer with centronics interface
Key Board 7 keys, soft touch membrane type
Power 230V ± 10% ac, 50 Hz
Weight 2 Kg (approx)



High stability and accuracy.

ATC Facility.

16X 2 alpha numeric LCD Display.

Slope control.

Increased longevity

Range of Design.


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