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 PCR Workstation

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 PCR Workstation

UV  effectively utilised in the cabinets, powerful UV tube lights  combined with carefully located optical reflectors to ensure uniform intensity distribution of the UV radiation throughout the cabinet. Acrylic windows offer exceptionally clear all round vision and do not allow transmission of UV.

Cabinet has flap front access as standard for easy access to the interior of the cabinet. Two service ports   supplied in the side panels.

15W white lights, operated from an external switch, illuminate cabinet interior.

Control system allows the choice of the timed UV exposure from 5 to 30 minutes.

PCR UK Workstation additionally protects against contamination by bathing the PCR apparatus in sterile air and limiting risk of contamination from the operator’s arms or from any equipment bought into the otherwise sterile environment.


  • Doors sensors switch off UV lamps when door flap  opened, ensuring operator safety
  • Acrylic protects the operator from beta emissions from commonly used 32P labeled compounds. 

Optional Stand

Mild steel box section, finished in chemical resistant epoxy coating.

Cabinets Size & Model Number

Model  number Internal mm
SB-PCR-4 1200 x 600 x600

The housing is epoxy coated.

Construction and Materials:

> Transparent panels are manufactured from 8mm clear acrylic which is non-flammable, resistant to corrosion and easy to clean.
> Aluminum uprights are anodised.
> The base tray is manufactured from Poly proplen .


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