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Radiochemistry Fume Hoods

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SB Radiochemistry Fume Hoods

The work area  fully made of AISI 304 INOX stainless steel. The surface  finished with Scotch-BriteTM. All the joints are made by suitably smoothed and ground arc welds in an environment of inert gases. All the structure  hardened by means of box-type INOX steel sheets. The worktop  equipped with a raised edge in order to prevent the leakage of contaminated liquids.
The hood  closed at the front part by an acrylic glass slide rail which runs between the polizene lateral guides.

The tool rack panel is on the hood front lower wall. This instrument panel  made of 18 mm thick, AISI 304 stainless steel, and is an integral part of the worktop. The remote controls of the fluids (liquid and gaseous) as well as the electrical outlets are on the instrument panel. The supply of these fluids  done by means of taps placed on the hood internal side panels, which are connected to the feed manifold.

Features of radiochemistry fume hood

  • Front closing with lead glass vertical sliding door
  • Adjustable by-pass of the air flow
  • Double-walled aspiration system, frontal air speed of 50 cm/sec
  • Filtration system with absolute and activated carbon filters integrated into the hood structure
  • Protected replacement of the filter with canister equipped with gullet for the positioning of the barrier sack
  • Controlled discharge of radioactive liquid waste into a polyethylene bin with a capacity of 20 litres,
  • Remote control for adjusting the hot/cold water
  • Controlled discharge for solid waste into a 20 liter polyethylene container
  • Gas spout with remote control
  • Electrical system in accordance with CEI standards
  • 2 electrical outlets
  • Manometer for filter blockage
  • Cupboard cavity with door and key lock

Used in  Nuclear Medicine

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