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  • Designed to give maximum accuracy.
  • Heavy cast iron base fitted with levelling screws.
  • Protected circle  read by two opposite verniers.
  • Scales and verniers are machine divided.
  • The Collimator tube and telescope adjusted to be colinear.
  • The objective and the collimator lenses are achromatic.
  • Ramsden Eye-piece with fine cross line.
  • Rack and pinion movements are provided to both the Telescope and Collimator.
  • The Spectrometer  finished in duco paint and has elegant appearance, complete with case.
  • Spectrometer Deluxe :
    Improved design with clamping and tangent screws for coarse and fine movements of telescope and prism table.
    Note : For S.S. Scale in all models. For 30 seconds.


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