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laminar air flow

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SB laminar air flow


Many microbiological and cell culture laboratories require highly sterile working environment for performing research activities and laminar air flow cabinets are the best solution for them. Often called laminar air flow chambers or laminar air flow workstations, these cabinets are designed to keep contents of the work zone safe from particulates that are sensitive to such contamination.

A laminar air flow cabinet maintains a unidirectional flow of HEPA-filtered air over the work area and protects the working environment from dust and other air-born particulates. The flow can be horizontal (parallel to the work surface) or vertical (from top to the work surface). Both the air flow types have their own significance in research. The question, where to use horizontal air flow cabinet or vertical air flow cabinet, this choice solely depends upon the requirements of applications.


Vertical Vs Horizontal Laminar Flow

As mentioned above, in a horizontal air flow cabinet, filtered air blows across the work zone in horizontal direction; this constant flow of air provides material and product protection. Whereas, in a vertical laminar air flow cabinet, filtered air blows on the work zone and leaves through the holes in the base. As compared to horizontal type, vertical flow cabinet can provide greater operator protection. Furthermore, it is user preference that decides which type of laminar air flow cabinet should use.


Laminar Air Flow Cabinets by SUNIL BROTHERS

Laminar Flow Cabinets by SUNIL BROTHERS are a series of high efficiency clean room work benches designed to protect equipment and other contents of the work zone from particulates. These LAF cabinets are available in 5 standard sizes that can be further customized to meet unique requirements of our customers. These cabinets are well suited for cell culture and microbiological applications that require class 100 air quality.

Our LAF cabinets are modern in design and features certified quality construction; with options and accessories these prove to be most efficient laminar air flow cabinets available on the Indian market today. Our in-house manufacturing and fabrication facilities provide benefit of any kind of customization that our customers may need. In addition to cover all Indian market, these systems are also exported worldwide.

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HEPA filtration unit provides Class 100 air quality Meet US Federal Standard 209 B (BS 5295)
Optional UV lamp to sterilize work zone Stainless steel work table
Low noise level Made from branded parts (blower etc.)
High airflow capacity Easy to change filters


Standard Dimensions


Working Size 2’x2’x2’ 3’x2’x2’ 4’x2’x2’ 6’x2’x2’ 8’x2’x2’
Size of HEPA Filter 2’x2’x6” 3’x2’x6” 4’x2’x6” 3’x2’x6” 4’x2’x6”
No. of HEPA Filter 1 1 1 2 2


Working Size 2’x2’x2’ 3’x2’x2’ 4’x2’x2’ 6’x2’x2’ 8’x2’x2’
Size of HEPA Filter 2’x2’x6” 3’x2’x6” 4’x2’x6” 3’x2’x6” 4’x2’x6”
No. of HEPA Filter 1 1 1 2 2




Cleanliness Class 100
Velocity 90 FPM ±20%
Hepa Filter 99.999 % efficiency for particles >0.3 μm
Pre-Filter 85 %efficiency for particles >0.5 μm (Washable)
Particle Count Better than US Fed Std 209B Class10 and VDI 2083 Class 3 Cabinet Laminated High Quality Wooden Board /PCRC Sheet Powder Coated/Stainless Steel SS 304 (optional 316 grade)
Work Table 304 Stainless Steel (optional 316 grade)
Airflow Speed Control Speed Controller (Three Step Speed Controller)
Blower High efficient centrifugal type with lifetime lubricated bearings
Light High intensity, low wattage >800 lux
Noise Level <65 dBA
Standard Accessories Air/gas cock and mains power socket (16A)
Power Supply 220-230 V,50 Hz.
Optional Accessories – Microprocessor LCD Controller
– Digital display for air flow rate
– Transparent Front Door
– Gauges Pressure (Statics Pressure Mano-Mater)
– Magnahelic Gauge (for filter pressure)
– U. V. Germicidal Tube in work area
– Electronic Filter choke alarm
– Spare HEPA Filters
– Auto switch on/off for U.V. Germicidal tube & fluorescent light
– Hour Meter for UV light


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